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Pay Per Click PPC Isle of Man

Delivering a return on your investment with digital marketing expertise

A great marketing strategy should deliver you a return on your investment, which is why, at DM Design & Marketing we like to continue working with our clients long after we’ve built their website or created their brand identity.

Once your brand and website have been established its time to begin generating sales and establishing a return on your investment.

A great way to do this is through the use of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and dedicated conversion based landing pages. This is one of the most effective and measurable digital tools, and our PPC experts are seasoned in creating successful, cost-effective campaigns.Pay Per Click PPC Isle of Man

Growing your return on investment

The art of PPC advertising and landing pages is to continually improve conversion rates

We run A/B split testing landing pages as part of the campaign strategy and constantly refine the PPC campaign and landing pages to improve lead generation and sales conversions. We don’t want to generate a high quantity of leads, but we strive for a high quality of leads. Unlike some agencies, we work with you to convert those leads into sales.

Our lead generating process


We believe great results come from truly understanding your ideal buyer and your target audience, so we like to begin by really getting to know your existing customers and where they currently spend time online. This helps us to understand the reason that people are attracted to your brand and the online areas we should be boosting your business in.

High Converting Landing Pages

Starting with creative ideas and exploring your competition, we create landing pages that are focussed on conversions and PPC campaigns that drive quality visitors and generate leads that convert into sales.

Launch and Implementation

Now we have an in-depth knowledge of your target audience and your content is ready to go live, this is in the hands of our digital marketing professionals who are ready to launch your campaign, within the agreed budget, and start delivering you great results.


Refinement is about delving deeper; we’ll focus in on PPC results and analytics to see which ads are delivering the best results. From there we can work on improving lead quality and sales conversions, all part of a continual process to deliver real measurable results.

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