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We create websites that really stand out and deliver exceptional results. Isle of Man Web Design & Development is what we do.

DM Design & Marketing bring together a highly experienced team of WordPress web developers, UX designers and copywriters to design and deliver beautifully crafted websites.

We are experts in WordPress website development, giving our customers a great content management system to allow easy management and content changes/updates on-going.Isle of Man Web Design & Development

We create professional websites that not only look great, but are highly responsive and optimised for conversion, providing an astonishing user experience to your clients.

Your website is your strongest ambassador

With the click of a mouse customers now have thousands of competing businesses at their fingertips, and in today’s fast-paced society it’s imperative that we make your website stand out in order to win their business.

Your buyer needs to know what your business does, why you’re unique, and what your brand is all about. We’ll make sure that your website is the biggest ambassador for your company; resulting in higher brand recognition, and a trusted relationship with your clients.

Our web design and development process

Understanding your brand

The first step for us is to understand exactly what you do as a business and what your brand represents. We’ll spend time working with you to make sure that we can communicate your values and unique selling points through your website. We’ll also be sure to clarify all brand guidelines so that your website works in tandem with the rest of your marketing collateral.

Planning your site map, layout and development

Next, we’ll work with you and your team to create your website layout; here’s where we decide on the main functions of your website; whether its purpose is to create conversions, generate online sales, or promote an online blog. Whatever you need, our team is on hand to work with you and recommend the best way to market your items.

Optimising your website for SEO

Your website is your strongest tool for attracting new business. Using keyword research and competitor analysis, we view your website with the full understanding of how each piece of text and content directly affects your online presence.


Now that the site is ready, the next step is to relentlessly test every aspect to ensure every single web link works as it should. We’ll share the site with you so that you and team, along with ours, can go through each step to ensure everything is running seamlessly. Any issues will be fixed by our developers before the final launch.


Once your site has been launched we’ll focus in on the website analytics and investigate how each aspect is performing; particularly focusing on your ‘bounce rate’ so we can understand if and why visitors are leaving your site at a particular step page. From here we can make improvements in order to increase your conversions.

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The Principles of Good Website Design

Your website acts as the face of your business. It may well be the first, and only, chance you have to impress a potential customer. As such, it plays a critical role in determining the success of your brand.

With all that in mind, it’s clear that effective website design is vital. It’s easy to get distracted by the visual side of the design process, but the best websites marry an effective aesthetic with excellent usability. It’s a classic combination of form and function, and each is every bit as important as the other.

Good website design offers a simple way to maximise conversions. Experience has shown us that many users favour simple, effective websites; especially when they perform to a high standard. Excessively elaborate designs can produce resource-hungry websites that take forever to load and render inconsistently across different devices!

Simple, well-structured and fast-loading websites are far more popular with visitors. They’re also popular with search engines like Google, which often reward well-designed websites with a better ranking position in the search results.

What Determines Effective Website Design?

Website design is all about making a series of decisions and judgement calls; the right decisions lead to success; the wrong decisions undermine it. Every project is different, but we’ve identified a series of key principles that consistently underpin effective website design:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make the text easy to read
  3. Express the site’s key message clearly
  4. Apply a consistent, coherent style
  5. Give thought to the colour palette
  6. Use high-quality images
  7. Make navigation intuitive
  8. Ensure the website loads fast
  9. Deliver a consistent experience across all devices (AKA mobile-friendly design)
  10. Always think about the user’s needs first!

These 10 principles of good website design guide us through each step of the process and ensure a successful end result.

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