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Isle of Man E-commerce Website Development

Commercialising your business in a digital world

If you’re looking to enable your customers to make transactions via your website, then you’ll need an E-Commerce store.

DM Design & Marketing work with clients to develop custom high converting E-Commerce stores with a range of payment gateways.

Our team of experienced developers will use the latest UX design and responsive technology, to provide an excellent user experience to your customers and create a platform that’s focused on sales conversions.

Making sales simple

With the click of a mouse customers now have thousands of competing businesses at their fingertips, and in today’s fast-paced society it’s imperative that we make buying simple in order to win their business. E-Commerce is a software solution that incorporates your website with an online store.

Your buyer needs to know what you sell, how much it is, and what your brand is all about as soon as they visit your website. We’ll make sure they find exactly what they’re looking for without having to spend too much time searching for it; resulting in a smoother and quicker sales process.

We’ve built market leading E-Commerce sites for major businesses with hundreds of products to manage and distribute. Whatever your sector, we can help you to succeed in an online world. Isle of Man E-Commerce Website Development

Our E-Commerce process

Understanding your business

The first step for us is to understand exactly what you do as a business and who your main competitors are. We’ll spend time working with you to see how we can ensure that your business is making buying easier and offering more value to your customers.

Creating your E-Commerce store

Next, we’ll work with you and your team to create your online E-Commerce platform; this could be as simple as buying tickets for an event and integrating a seating plan, or perhaps you need an online store with hundreds of items setup for purchase. Whatever you need, our team is on hand to work with you and recommend the best way to market your items.


Now that the platform is ready, the next step is to relentlessly test every aspect to ensure that you’re not going to miss out on possible transactions at the final hurdle. We’ll share the site with you so that you and your team, along with ours, can go through each step of the transaction process to ensure everything is running seamlessly. Any issues will be fixed by our developers before the final launch.


Once your E-Commerce site has been launched we’ll focus in on the website analytics and investigate how each aspect is performing; particularly focusing on your ‘bounce rate’ so we can understand if and why visitors are leaving your site at a particular step in the buying process. From here we can make improvements in order to increase your sales.

E-Commerce Website Development

An online shop has the potential to boost your sales and raise your business to new levels of success. But your new e-commerce website will need to be well designed, if it’s to deliver the results you hope for. It’s important to think beyond the basics; appealing product images/descriptions and a secure checkout are all must-have features, but it’s best to take a holistic approach and consider the overall customer experience.

What Defines Effective E-Commerce Website Design?

Broadly speaking, most commercial websites break down into two categories. First, there are brochure sites. These act as an online display case, showing would-be buyers your products, and encouraging them to visit your bricks-and-mortar shop to actually make their purchase.

E-Commerce websites take things a step further, by integrating more advanced functionality that supports and encourages online sales. This presents extra possibilities – but also extra challenges. When designing an e-commerce website, we need to think about aspects like the user experience; this should be simple and intuitive, in order to maximise sales. It’s vital to ensure the site performs well, and that user engagement is maintained.

There are many important aspects to consider when designing an online store. Some of these need to be looked at on a case-by-case basis, but it’s possible to lay out several key design principles that apply to all successful e-commerce websites:

  1. An appealing overall design
  2. Intuitive navigation
  3. A mobile-friendly layout
  4. Eye-catching product images
  5. Informative product descriptions
  6. The option of guest sign ups
  7. A simple and secure checkout process
  8. A transparent and visible returns policy

This is just a taste of the steps behind successful e-commerce website development. Fortunately, we have a wealth of experience in the sector, so we’re perfectly placed to help you start selling online!

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