A unique project and an innovative solution:

24/7 Christmas Messaging for West London Audi

DM Design & Marketing were approached by Audi UK’s signage contractor to come up with a solution to display a highly visible Christmas message across the glazing on the front of the vast West London Audi showroom which overlooks the busy M4 motorway. The challenge was to create impact using only window graphics day and night.

The Solution: Using a new and un-tested UV layered printing process onto optically clear polyester (PET) film, a pattern of horizontal lines of solid print and clear gaps was applied to the baubles and wording. Two layers of white ink were printed first followed by 4 layers of Audi red ink.

During the day when the light source from the outside was greater than the light inside, the messages appeared white to traffic driving past on the M4…. then at night, the opposite, with the light source being greater within the showroom, it backlit the graphic and red ink from the inside… so from the outside it appeared and glowed red.

A fantastic solution with a huge amount of research, development and tested to perfect the end result which only appeared for 4 weeks in December.

Happy Christmas on a Large Scale

  • Client:West London Audi
  • Date:Nov, 2012
  • Project Type:Large Format Window Graphics