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Here, one of our Isle of Man Copywriters runs through their top tips for creating successful written content, in ‘An Isle of Man Copywriters guide to Content Marketing’.

Content Marketing is the absolute best way to drive organic traffic to your website and is one of the best investments that your business can make.

Content comes in the form of blogs, images, and videos. The purpose is not to promote your brand, but to offer your audience interesting content that entertains or offers advice on topics of interest, thus leading to brand recognition and trust.

DM Design and Marketing employ a small select group of experienced Isle of Man Copywriters who specialise in high quality content, and we work with you to create a complete content management plan, with the strategy to drive your prospects to the next stage of the sales funnel.

Content Marketing Isle of Man

The value of content and the benefits to your SEO 

Written content makes use of keywords and can drive traffic to your website by increasing your chances of appearing in your target audiences search engine results.

Informative content shows a high level of expertise from your brand and builds trust with your audience; making you the ‘go to’ company in your industry. Consistently delivering great content keeps your audience engaged. The marketing term ‘effective frequency’ is used in research to describe the way in which frequently viewing the same advert, content, message, or brand is likely to increase our engagement with that company and our likeliness to buy from them.

Our Isle of Man Copywriters top tips for creating results driven content

Make a list of your keywords

The purpose of creating written content is to drive traffic to your website and build trust with potential clients. To serve both of these purposes your content needs be relevant and discoverable by your target audience; this is where your keywords come in to play.

Keywords are search terms used by your clients and are the exact terms that you need to optimise your content for, thus boosting your online presence. Understanding what your audience are looking for helps you to deliver the content they really want. Work with your team to make a list of these key search terms and use this as your guide to write blogs and other content for your site.

Consider your target audience

No investment in marketing should ever begin without first understanding your target audience. For example, if your business is B2B, then your content should be formal and professional, however, if you’re selling a lifestyle or novelty product then you can create more informal content and even add a touch of humour.

Once you’ve considered who your target audience is, then think about ‘what’; what might they want to read, what might they find interested, and what matters to them?

Analysing your target audience like this allows you to develop your ‘buyer personas’, which can be referred to for all future marketing campaigns.

Use a great headline

Your headline should include the keyword that you’ve decided to use within this blog, it should be no longer than 20 words, and it also needs to grab the reader’s attention.

Example – Your aim for this blog is to promote your furniture company, and your keyword is ‘Isle of Man Furniture’. You can use a blog title like ’10 Unique Items that will make you say “Wait, that’s from an Isle of Man Furniture Company?”’

It should be informative

All written content should be informative, even when it’s written in an informal and more humorous tone. Readers want to discover something new by reading content, and providing this free information builds trust between your brand and your audience.

Refer the reader to other parts of your website

Never lead your reader to a dead end. At the end of your blog you should offer them the chance to contact your company for more information about your services, the opportunity to buy the product your blog is referring to, or the chance to read more relevant content on your site. Remember that content is a way to guide prospects through the sales funnel.

Deliver content consistently

Content marketing is part of the long-game in marketing and is about building long-term trusting relationships with your clients, rather than making one-time sales. The best way to benefit from content marketing is to deliver it consistently. Consistent content will keep your audience engaged, move them down the sales funnel to becoming fantastic clients and will also increase your website traffic.

If you’re looking for a reliable Isle of Man Copywriter to create engaging content for you and grow your website traffic, please contact DM Design & Marketing today. We have the team and expertise to deliver you great results.

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