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How to Refresh Old Content – A Bloggers Guide

Improve your SEO rankings today by refreshing your old content with these top tips.

Content Marketing is a huge ‘must-do’ for SEO specialists; it’s the best way to drive organic traffic to your website and one of the most effective ways of converting website visitors into leads.

Great content marketing increases your websites ranking through search engines and therefore leads to increased business. The purpose of refreshing old content is to optimise the performance on search engines, provide your readers with high quality information, and ultimately increase your sales.

“According to SEO expert Neil Patel, Google prefers sites that regularly update multiple pages, so refreshing some of your old content every few months is a good way to signal your site’s continued relevance.”

Examine where your existing web traffic is coming from:

The first and most logical step is to understand which content is currently effective in driving traffic to your website. Using a traffic analysis tool such as SEMrush and Ahrefs, you can discover which of your old posts are still driving traffic to your site. Since these pieces of content already have some SEO traction, you can apply various techniques to boost them even further, such as: updating your links to external resources, including more frequent use of the keyword currently driving traffic to that page, or changing the call-to-action.

Refresh the quality of old content (with the user-experience in mind):

Remember that full rewrites are often not necessary. Sometimes very small tweaks can improve the effectiveness of your content.

  • Add additional subheader sections with updated information or other relevant keyword topics.
  • Reorganise the piece of content to make it easier to find information quickly.
  • Add more images to break up the text.
  • Fix spelling and grammar errors.
  • Acquire more comments.

Once you’ve refreshed you content, make sure to save the update and create a new publication date.

Update your links:

Links are one of the main and most important criteria that search engines use to index your page.

First, you should clean-through your content for broken links and replace or remove them. The Broken Link Checker add-on for Chrome is a great way to do this for free. If you find broken links on your pages, find a replacement for them or remove them altogether.

Second, consider updating outdated links or adding new ones. This can be as simple as replacing an older news story with a more recent one about the same trend. You can also make your page more informative and useful by adding links to new and relevant sources.

Combat duplicate content:

As part Google’s effort to clean up search results and make them more useful, they have started penalising content they consider duplicated. You may have content falling into that category without realising it.

Here’s a list of what you should avoid:

  • Pages on your site with multiple URLs.
  • Pages that quote large amounts of text from other websites.
  • Pages that include a manufacturer’s product description that appears elsewhere.

Fortunately, fixing duplicate content is a simple process that you can often do with a few quick HTML tweaks.

As a bonus, this research will allow you to find sites that may be appropriating your content for their own ends and potentially damaging your brand in the process.

Use the Skyscraper Technique to grow the value of your content:

Using a method called “skyscraper technique,” you can take advantage of existing keyword buzz to produce content highly relevant to your audience and possibly even outrank your competitors by improving on their content.

Let me explain this a bit more:

  1. Set up alerts for topics relevant to your audience.
  2. Analyse existing available content about these topics when it pops up on other sites.
  3. Research and create new content that improves on what other sites have produced.
  4. Promote the content with your audience and reach out to partners to share it. 

Business, expertise, and available resources are constantly evolving, and so should the content on your website. By constantly refreshing your old content, you can keep up with Google’s algorithm and industry trends.

Most importantly, the content you provide needs to be useful and current for the reader, encouraging them to venture further on your website and therefore making it more relevant in the eyes of Google.

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