5 Marketing Tools Designed to Make your Life Easier

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5 Marketing Tools Designed to Make your Life Easier

With multiple marketing avenues to choose from, numerous social media platforms to understand, and countless tips and tricks to grasp, marketing your business effectively can become a very daunting task.

Social media has proven to be vital for all businesses and for the foreseeable future it will continue to be so.

But anyone who manages their company’s social media, will know all too well that in order to stand out for the crown, you must continue to fight for the attention of your target market and consistently deliver quality content to maintain the trust of your audience.

In fact, most entrepreneurs will start out with great concepts and all the will in the world to grow a successful business, but then quickly become overwhelmed and unsure of how to deliver their ideas in an effective way.

We’re here to show you that there’s a marketing tool out there for almost everything, and they can all make your life much easier.

1. Social media scheduling tools

One of the biggest reasons that small to medium sized businesses give for neglecting their social media platforms is not having time each day to post content. In comparison to their main role within the business it’s easy to see why social media can fall to the waist side.

This is why you should use a social media scheduling platform, such as, Hootsuite or Social Pilot.

These platforms give you the ability to schedule all of your social media posts across multiple platforms at once, so not only will this free up your time for the rest of the week, but it will save you time by removing the need to post separately on each individual platform.

2. Canva

A big favourite for any budding marketer and entrepreneur is Canva.

Canva is a free online tool to help you design beautiful marketing promotions, posters, and social media images. Not only will it save you heaps of money on employing a graphic designer, but it will also help turn your social media content from stand-down to stand-out!

Don’t get us wrong, a graphic designer is a bonus to any company and the skill of an experienced graphic designer can’t be replicated by an online marketing tool like Canva, but it’s a great add for start-ups and small businesses who may not be able to afford a graphic designer just yet.

3. Mailchimp

Email marketing technology is used by more than 80% of companies, so you can’t deny that it’s still an effective marketing tactic.

With more than 12 million customers, MailChimp has claimed its spot as one of the top email marketing providers in the world. While there are alternatives, this tool remains one of the best, for many reasons.

Mailchimp is a free marketing tool used for sending out a marketing email to your list of contacts. It gives you beautifully designed templates, and tips on how to optimise your email; helping you get the best from your campaigns.

When starting a business, it’s not likely that you will have more than 2,000 subscribers. For this reason, you can get started with MailChimp early on, using the tool for free as you get your feet wet with email marketing.

4. Trello

Trello is a great content marketing tool that can help you and your online marketing team collaborate in a more effective way. Trello helps you to manage projects and stay on the same page as your team.

Through Trello you can share blog posts on before you publish them. This gives others on your team the opportunity to review the content, weigh in with their thoughts and make changes that could strengthen the piece before it goes live.

With Trello, everything related to your online marketing strategy can be shared in the same place. It only takes a few minutes to set up a board. Even better, you can quickly invite your entire staff, all of whom can jump in on the action without delay.

5. BuzzSumo

One of our favourite marketing tools is BuzzSumo.

It’s probably safe to say that you know a thing or two about your industry and your primary competitors. But, once you dig around even more, you’ll find that there is additional data that you can use to your advantage.

If you want to better understand your competition or if you want to learn what type of content performs best with search engines and your audience, you don’t need any other tool by your side than BuzzSumo.

Why guess as to what content is performing best in your market when you can use BuzzSumo to answer this question with 100% accuracy?

Even if you don’t do much with the data at first, each search will help you to better understand your competition and target audience.